Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What you get when you join the Honorary Republic of Texas Registry

The best part of joining the registry, other than bragging rights; is that you get the offical certificate that is signed, sealed and frame worthy. Along with e certificate you will also get the Republic of Texas Identification card. With these two items you will offically be able to call yourself a Texan.

This ID looks so real it could be used as a fake ID, now that would'nt be very Texan of you. We ask that you be honorable when you join the Honorary Republic of Texas and PLEASE don't use this Identification for any thing illegal.

The new website is up and running! check it out

I’ll bet right now, you are wondering what is ? That’s an excellent question. This is your chance to become a Texan, by joining the official, unofficial Republic of Texas registry. So, click on over and sign up today.